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What is MicSamples?    

The Purpose of this website is to allow people the opportunity to hear brief samples of different mics paired with different instruments. Rather than just analyzing frequency response charts, you can come here and take a listen to the mic being used in action. The samples are dry and unaltered--no effects, compression, etc have been applied to the recordings. You can stream the audio files directly from the website using SoundCloud, or download them to your hard drive, so you can drop them into a DAW and listen on your own studio monitors for more clearity. The files were bounced directly from Pro Tools and kept in Wav formatt in order to maintain as much sound quality as possible.

Downloading samples for your own music... 

It is my intent in the near future to provide more instrument samples (especially drums) for musical purposes, mics aside. The current samples can be used in this way (read below), however I will provide samples more geared toward musical purposes.

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