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Real vs. Fake SM58 (Page 1)   

This page presents the differences between a real Shure SM58 and a counterfeit mic sold to me on ebay a little while back. Not to worry, Ebay dealt with that instance just fine. Anyway, the first, and main, difference is that the counterfeit looks and sounds cheap, while the real SM58 is a nice, clean, versatile and hardy mic used by musicians everywhere. Shure usually provides a nice pouch for their mics, and these pouches have a nice sleak embossing of the Shure logo, like in this photo. The counterfeit case on the other hand is a crappy attempt at replicating this. Even though they managed to produce a similar outline for the lettering, the shapes of the letters is pretty far off. Also the material used appears all cracked and worn, as seen in the next photo.


Perhaps a bit difficult to tell from the photo, but the logo on counterfeit pouch is smaller than that of the real case. Not to mention, the fake case is just smaller in general. Now, I have seen older Shure cases that look more similar to the fake one here, at least on the outside. Quality of the case is more recognizable on the inside of a Shure case, old or new. The next photo shows the fine quality of a Shure case from this inside, including the silky nylon, perfect cut and stitching.   It is more obvious that the fake case lacks quality. The stitching and cut is not so even, and the material is made of some cheapo stitched pattern. Page 2  
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